What is Right to Clean Air Platform ?

Right to Clean Air Platform, consists of 16 professional organizations and NGOs, working on air pollution and health impacts in Turkey since 2015.

The aim of the Platform is to advocate for the right to live in an environment with clean air and to protect the public health from the air pollution, especially resulting from the existing and the planned coal fired power plants in Turkey.

Platform Constituents are: CAN Europe, General Practitioner Association of Turkey, Greenpeace Mediterranean, Green Peace Law Association, Green Thought Association, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), Physicians for Environment Association, TEMA Foundation (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats), Turkish Medical Association (TTB), Turkish Neurological Society, Turkish Respiratory Society, Turkish Society of Occupational Health Specialists (İMUD), Turkish Society of Public Health Specialists (HASUDER), Yuva Association, WWF Turkey, 350.org.

Summary Data on Air Quality and Health in Turkey

  • Yearly 30.000 premature deaths from air pollution,
  • No regulation about limit values for PM 2.5 yet and only pilot measurement stations,
  • In 2017, only 1 out of 81 city had PM 10 levels below WHO guideline levels,
  • Air quality at %67 of the cities are dirty even according to national air quality limits,
  • 7 existing coal power plants has exception to emit above EU limits until 2020,
  • In September 2018, 38 GW more coal plants planned and/or under construction,
  • No health impact assessment or cumulative assessment in permit process of industrial facilities,

What is air pollution?

A video by Right to Clean Air Platform, made by Clevarts Creative.


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